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Responsible Purchase Policy

We uphold responsible consumption as a fundamental pillar in our commitment to the preservation of the planet.

Adopting responsible consumption habits involves putting into practice a critical point of view. Various factors such as the materials used, manufacturing processes, the involvement of individuals in product creation, and distribution must be considered by customers to make responsible choices. A responsible buyer also needs to be aware of the consequences associated with each purchase.

We embrace an integrated approach that allows us to influence every aspect of product development. A continuous process of evaluation and improvement ensures our unwavering commitment to our values.

Remaining loyal to our philosophy in our processes, we have now implemented a responsible purchase policy. This policy establishes a limit of two products per order, promoting maximum resource optimization and encouraging customers to buy only what is truly necessary. This measure guarantees minimal environmental impact, focusing solely on what is essential for the product to reach customers.

The implementation of the responsible purchase policy reflects our commitment to fostering a shopping experience consistent with how we create each of our models, where the product takes center stage.

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